Photos of Suzanne

 Suzanne and Kristy, Sept. 2002
Suzanne and daughter Kristy, September, 2002. Photo by Pulitzer-Prize-winning photographer Rick Corrales, Kristy's Dad
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Suzanne, wedding day, February 4, 2006

Suzanne at the Basilica San Marco, Venice, Italy, August, 2005
  Suzanne and Goldola Musicians
Suzanne and the musicians on a gondola, August, 2005
The serious-looking man sang opera with a voice descended from Heaven.

Sue and daughter Kristy, baptism
Rick Corrales photo

Suzanne and Kristy, Whittier Back Porch
Rick Corrales Photo

Bald cousins, 2003

Sue's patriotic bumper sticker

Did she ever not smile?


Blue socks and gray men, Barcelona 2005